Gratitude from Families

Thank you for the Excellent assistance and management to help my family with arrangements after my husband's passing. 

George's Family

I would just like to thank Kristi Heck so much for the personal care and compassion to our family. Kristi has a gift of kindness, caring and I know I speak for our whole family as she helped us, guided us through and listened to everything we needed. The Professionalism as a funeral director to the personal touches went above and beyond any other experiences that we have dealt with. I will say for all of us that Kristi providing all the extra touches and care made us all so thankful. So thank you Kristi - please know that from your Care and Compassion, Professionalism that you made our hearts lighter. 

April 2019

Guys and Gals,

You have all made this terrible circumstance incredible for us. The level of professionalism your team has is what all businesses should aspire to have. Thank you again for everything.

Thelma's Family


Thank you so much for the care you provided to us. Your career is a perfect fit for you and we will always be grateful for the kindness and compassion you extended to us!

February 2019

I wish to give the highest praise and commendation to Doug & his staff for providing our family & friends with an opportunity to say a sad farewell to our daughter, sister, and friend. Their thoughtful, creative & diligent work made the funeral so special and exceptional. Throughout the planning and completion, Doug was sensitive, supportive, informative, and never intrusive. Brian Conducted a meaningful service and helped relatives & friends feel comfortable speaking about knowing and loving Laurie. Thank you to all of you.


To Doug and those other people that made Laurie's funeral so special,

My sincere & heartfelt thank you to you - you know who you are. I've been to funerals, some in our family - and none were made special in the way that Laurie's was. The special touches made each of us feel so thankful, grateful & appreciative of your work. I do not exaggerate!

Gayle & Wayne and family. 

Doug and Staff of Bear Creek Funeral Home,

Thank you for helping us through this process beginning to end. We appreciate all the support from the entire staff. We want to thank you for all the time you spent with the family explaining each step to help us make decisions and allow us to still feel in control in a very hard situation. 

It takes very special people to do what you all do down to the smallest of details. Our family felt very touched by all your help and support. God bless you all. 

Jordan's family

We would all like to thank you for your wonderful kindness and thoughtfulness in the last few weeks while guiding us through this very difficult time. We are deeply grateful for your help in saying goodbye and honouring our loved one in a way that felt right. 

Cameron's family

To Doug & Staff at Bear Creek Funeral Home,

We thank you for the kindness you showed to our family. All of you were very accommodating and patient, which has been so helpful during this time. Grande Prairie and community is lucky to have you as a resource!

Grant & Amber

 Thank you Jennifer for your caring and consideration and helpfulness when we met with you to discuss arrangements. To everyone at Bear Creek Funeral Home, thank you for the excellent service you provided for my Dad's funeral. Thank you for your professionalism and your caring. All the extra details added to the caring and considerate atmosphere that surrounded the service. 


Doug and staff of Bear Creek Funeral Home,

We appreciate all the support from the entire staff. We want to thank you for all the time you spent with our family explaining each step to help us make decisions and still feel in control in a very hard situation. It takes very special people to do what you all do, down to the smallest of details...

Our family felt very touched by all your help and support.

June 2018

I can't even touch the surface of how compassionate Bear Creek Funeral home was during the most difficult pain from losing our son so young and sudden. They took the worry of having to make arrangements right off our shoulders. They treated our son with the utmost respect. You will forever be in our hearts. Special angels here on earth.

Cynthia Kirk Bujold (Via Facebook)

We want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to Bear Creek Funeral Home for providing profound service during one of the most difficult times in our lives. You made one of life's hardest experiences much less stressful and were respectful of our wishes as well as our fathers in our final days "with" him. A special thank you to Brian for officiating a service in a way that our father would have been proud of. Lastly to Hannah, we can not tell you how grateful we are for your genuine and sincere service. Your desire to be respectful of our wishes and our fathers wishes did not go unnoticed and we want to thank you for being here for our family during this trying time.

Michael Magyar (Via Facebook)


Thank you for all the arrangements for the funeral of Leonard. Hannah and your staff are amazing and Leonard was treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for the kindness, compassion, and carrying him all the way to Slawa by St. Paul.


Thanks for all your support during Leonard's funeral. You were so kind, so calm, and so understanding. I truly appreciate all arrangements from start to finish.


I just want to say thank you for modeling care and compassion to families that are at their most vulnerable state when they are dealing with death and dying. Heather Gallagher was stellar in her professionalism and thoughtful care and direction of my family during the time of our loss of Owen Carpenter, my brother. Wonderful .I so appreciated you taking care of all of the details/protocols for my nephews and niece..I can't say thank you enough. 

Heather Carpenter Rhine (Via Facebook)

Thank you Hannah for everything you have done for our family. Your compassion and support was so greatly appreciated by our family. 

Thank you for all you have done for us during this difficult time. We appreciate you making it as good as could be. Thank you for letting me see him, it calmed my heart.

Katherine and family

Thank you for all the love and compassion you showed with the passing of my Dad. You made a very difficult time in our live easier.

Michelle Lindsay

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us get through the worst time in our lives. Your kindness, and compassion was heartfelt. Visiting with Petey was a blessing, and I want to particularly thank you for the rush on getting our necklaces to us so quickly. 

God Bless you all, thank you again.

Anette Whillier

We want to thank you for your professional, caring, compassionate, concern you demonstrated in caring for our dear Dad and his family as we bid him farewell. From the office visits to graveside you became our trusted friends.

Our parents fell in love with you in the pre-planning.  I told Joe on the way back to St Albert that we may have to book a meeting with you folks. He agreed. But I want to live for EVER With deep love and gratitude we thank you from our left ventricles of our hearts (for you Eunice)❤

The Family of the late Vic Nasedkin

When my father died, no one in my family knew what to do. How do you plan a funeral? We checked out both funeral homes in Grande Prairie and found there was a big difference between Bear Creek and their competitor. They were legitimately compassionate and sympathetic. Jennifer didn’t rush us, she walked us through the entire process and was very open about the costs and assisted us with applying for funding to cover the funeral because my family didn’t have a lot of money. The level of caring didn’t stop after our initial meeting with Jennifer. She and Eunice were always quick to respond to my calls or emails. And they would always take time to greet me and answer my questions when I came to the funeral home. Jennifer arranged a private viewing for me even though my Dad was being cremated, and Eunice helped us with the memorial cards. I feel like I could go on for many paragraphs about the fantastic service that was delivered with compassion and love, as if we were their own family.  I am so grateful to Jennifer and Eunice. You made this very difficult time and this very tiring process much easier. Thank you so much.

Pam Brace

I would like to thank you for all the care, kindness, compassion, and respect shown to both Mom and our family over the last week. Your care for Mom was wonderful…I knew she was in good hands. You answered all my silly questions, and made the whole process so much easier.

Thank you for all your kindness and patience. We appreciate everything you have done for us.

Lee, Russ, and Bonnie

My family and I want to thank you for your kindness, concern, and efforts during the recent passing of our father… We genuinely appreciate your manner in handling the many details surrounding his funeral arrangements. Your courtesy and professionalism will be remembered in our family, and recommended to others. We are especially grateful for the final opportunity of closure.


On behalf of myself and all of my family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent and professional care we received since my Mother’s passing. From our first meeting right up to the very end, you and your team treated us with nothing but class and the utmost compassion. It is always difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one but it makes the loss so much easier to deal with when we get to work with people such as yourselves. I especially want to say a special thank you for ensuring the headstone was completed on time; that was very much appreciated. Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to Jennifer and David and anyone else I might have missed for a job well done. I truly felt that I came away from this weekend as having made friends and not treated as if I were just another customer. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who requires it in the future.


Hi Eunice and Doug and all the staff, wanted to send a thank you along to all of you for the gracious way that you handle a service and the planning of that.
Although my mom was 93 and her death did not come as a great surprise you understood that she was the Matriarch of our family and that we needed her body to be treated with the greatest respect and dignity.
One of the things that brought me the most comfort during this whole process was when less than an hour after you were informed about your company being entrusted with her care, you showed up at the hospital to take her body into your care. We were still there with her in the hospital room, as it was so hard to leave her knowing she would be going downstairs to that cold institutional morgue at the hospital. But there you were with a hand crocheted afghan and a white sheet and flower to take her into your care. I had never met you before that moment, but the two of you were exactly what I needed to be able to leave the hospital, you even let us help you wrap her up in a blanket we wanted her to have. Once she was gone with you I could leave the hospital, feeling very confident that her body was being treated with dignity and respect.
Everything from that point was made so easy, although I know we were putting you in a tight spot by requesting the funeral be held on Saturday when my mother died on Wednesday. You worked hard to accommodate us and even brought in a hearse from Ft. St. John so you could accommodate our service when you already had another one at the same time that day. You didn’t show us any panic in trying to get things organized in such a short time frame, although I know that it was a lot of work to make it happen so quickly. Everything was handled so beautifully. Thank you again. Please feel free to use any of this e-mail in a testimonial. You are running a wonderful business and I hope that you have much success.

Myrna Logan

Hello to all at Bear Creek. We’re pleased to offer our thanks and highest commendations for the service we received while making our brother’s final arrangements. You were extremely respectful towards us while at the same time being friendly and approachable. The funeral turned out perfectly true to the vision that we had and we especially thank you for being so flexible and responsive to the last-minute changes we needed as things came together.

Sincerely, David, Val, Annette and families

Jennifer, I want to thank you from my heart, no words can ever express how much I am grateful for what you and Bear Creek Funeral have done for my family and I. You have given me hope and a gift from my precious angels that I never knew could even be possible.


I just wanted to say thank you for the care and respect with which you treated my family, and especially the care and attention you gave in caring for my son. I commend you for the work you do in trying to make peoples lives just a little bit better during such difficult circumstances. It takes strength and tremendous compassion to do what you do and you have my total respect. Thank you from my family to yours.


It’s the special people who help you along the way, and it’s the most important people who care enough to give of themselves. Thank you for being those special people.


On behalf of our family, we would like to sincerely thank Doug, Eunice, Shona and staff at Bear Creek Funeral Home for your outstanding caring and compassionate service in helping us through a difficult time when our beloved father and grandfather Earl Norton passed away. We were made to feel like valued members of a large family the minute we arrived. You made this unfortunate situation as pleasant as it could have been. Thank you kindly for everything.

Marylyn & Todd

“Doug & Staff I would like to thank you for your professionalism and very kind and compassionate way you took care of our family. Your sincere concern was greatly appreciated. You made a very difficult time much easier for all of us. The arrangements were truly something Dad would have approved of. I was so impressed by the services and staff at Bear Creek Funeral Home. Thank you again – you should be very proud of your funeral home!”


“I had written you a special thank you but never sent it as it didn’t seem to encompass all the gratefulness I felt towards you and your staff. I never would have made it through that time if not for the two of you and the people who are lucky enough to work for you.Thanks so much, Doug, for coming to my home when I never would have been able to leave. You two are such specially gifted people when it comes to helping people deal with losing someone. You will always be in my heart for taking such good care of my beautiful boy.”


I would like to thank you for your help in my time of need. I know its “your job” but you were a blessings to me. I pray that God bless you and your business.  Its nice to meet people like you in our journey in this world.
Blessings to you


There are no words to express our heartfelt thanks for the kindness and compassion you have extended toward our family during our loss. You made it so much easier to make the arrangements, and the extra time we had saying our good-byes to Dad was a gift we will hold forever in our hearts.

John Friedel Family

I want to thank you from the bottom if my heart. You were so very, very considerate of our feelings and saddened hearts. The work you did with my Grandfather, Mother, Aunt n Uncle was wonderful. You did such honor to my grandma. It meant the world to me. With all I have left in me tonight, I thank you.


Many thanks for your care and compassion. We were so lost and you made everything so easy for us. I am singing your praises to everyone I know.

Lynn and family

Eunice and Doug,

Words will never express the empathy, compassion and heartfelt love you showed in caring for all my friends who came into your care over this past year. With your help, we were able to give them dignity, and show them how much their lives touched ours. I truly feel like you are part of my ever growing family, and cannot thank you enough for being the wonderful, caring people you are. God bless you and your amazing team.


Doug and Eunice,
I want to thank you for everything; your kindness and understanding. You are both so wonderful. You did so much for the heart of us. May God bless you.


Amazing and gentle souls. Professional yet feel like a loving family to us. Thank you for everything.


In a matter of minutes my family’s life was turned upside down. My little Emily was 8 years old. Having to do this was never a thought in our mind as she was a healthy little girl. On January 13, 2014 our world spiraled out of control and Doug and Eunice stepped into our lives. I can not thank them enough. Words seem to fail me in order to describe the kindness and compassion that they have shown my family. Eunice took the time to treat my little girl as the princess she was. Knowing that my daughter was in such kind hands gave me a sense of comfort. Gavin took the time to drive to the church we requested when the phones were not working in order to give us immediate relief of knowing we had a location for our service. We never once felt rushed in any part of the process with Doug and the clock was never looked at. They were always ready when we were ready! Doug, Eunice, and Gavin will forever be a part of our family now.


Doug & Eunice,

Thank you very much for everything you did for our family. Everyone is very grateful to you both.


I just wanted to take the time this evening before calling it a night to thank Bear Creek Funeral Home as amongst all the fog of this past month I had meant to sooner. Dealing with grief is never easy no matter how big or how small, it all amounts to the same in our hearts when we have felt love. Both Doug and his wife went over and above during the difficult time with the loss of our unborn son. From phone conversations to making arrangements on Christmas eve, then through out the holidays along with the final day of setting baby William to rest on New Year’s Eve. There was never a moment that their kind hearts, and help with making this journey a little less difficult lacked. This is a family that truly has had a calling to help those deal with something we all dread going through in this place called life, by losing someone we love. Thank you so much to Doug and his beautiful wife for sharing your comfort, your service , your time, and your hearts with us especially over the holidays when we needed it the most.


The passing of my 15 year old daughter was the hardest thing my husband and I ever had to do, and we had no idea on any of the details, it was quite overwhelming. Doug and Eunice made this difficult situation more bearable, took care of details we would have never thought of, and treated not only our daughter with the utmost respect, but our families as well. They allowed my sisters to come and make sure Hayleys eyelashes weren’t ‘clumpy’ (she would’ve hated that!!!), and even though it was a difficult time, they eased our hearts. I cannot say enough about Bear Creek Funeral Home…true angels here on Earth.


It’s a part of life that many people find difficult to accept. In just one moment everything changes and you are unsure of what to do. I unexpectedly lost someone I loved very dearly. I hadn’t a clue what to do or where to begin to make arrangements for my loved one. I called Bear Creek Funeral Home. It is difficult to find the words to describe the compassion we were shown, they listened to every word we said and made every effort ensure everything was exactly as the family wanted. It takes a very special kind of person to face this everyday. Thank you Doug and Eunice for making a very difficult time just a little bit easier!


You and your family truly have a Special Gift, Thank you from myself and my family, I cannot believe how you handled all of the arrangements from the way you took his body out of the hospital so gently with the single white rose you placed on his body when you wheeled him out of the hospital and hugged both my little sister and me, to the whole funeral arrangements, being so patient with us, while you still had so much love in your eyes, to the arrangements of the wake, which was extremely beautiful and we were able to stay a lil longer with my dad having been able to stay with him 7pm til midnight, and to the beautiful book you made up for guests to sign to the candle and the beautiful picture of dad you made of for him and us when we first walked into the family service ( wake ) then to have all the music so clear for the slide show…wow!!! Totally Amazing and Beautiful Thank you, to the Funeral arrangements the baptismal cloth for dad, and then the beautiful Singers….they gave me soo much peace, in some way, they were so amazing thank you Doug and Eunice!!  Well Done!! and to the beautiful Burial, driving him out to Paddle Prairie and having him handled so well…..I am so very pleased and so very thankful for all that you did for my dad and my family Thank you again for your kindness and kind eyes…God Bless you Doug and Eunice and family, you have a true Special gift…I am truly glad to have met you all.


“We would like to thank the staff of Bear Creek Funeral Home for the wonderful job they did on our mom’s funeral arrangements. Doug and Eunice have personalities that are well suited in helping grieving families. They are both kind, caring, and compassionate and did an outstanding job in helping us with the arrangements and also in supporting us. We highly recommend Doug, Eunice, and their staff. They made our heavy hearts feel a little lighter.”

Marvin & Julie Keyser

“Thank you for all your kindness and caring, we truly appreciate it. We will highly recommend you to anyone requiring your services.”

Mary Ellen & family

“Bear Creek Funeral Home is the most caring, loving, and thoughtful home to have your loved one cared for at.”


“God continuously showers our family with blessings — and you are one of these blessings. Our warmest appreciation and deepest gratitude.”

Keith & Earl

“When sudden deaths in the family occur, & the arrangements for a funeral are the furthest thing from your families mind; it’s nice to know you have options. Although new to the Peace Country, Bear Creek Funeral Home provided a very personal & professional service to my family. Doug & his wife Eunice went above & beyond to ensure all of our families needs & requests were arranged for us in our time of sorrow. I would happily recommend Bear Creek’s services to all my friends & family. I feel that Bear Creek Funeral Home provides a more personal atmosphere that has not been available to the Peace Country in the past. I felt like I was being helped by friends & not just a business. Thank you Doug & Eunice, you did a great job helping our family say goodbye to a cherished loved one. Sincerely, Rizz Wilson.”

Rizz Wilson

“I also would like to thank Bear Creek funeral home, very considerate, caring, thoughtful, helpful, I can’t say enough about the service provided my family and my mother would be pleased with her fare thee well on that day, thanks again.”

Leroy Wilson

“We were and still are very thankful for the care & respect that was shown to our Mother. We were treated very kind and respectfully. We will never go back to any other funeral home. Thank you Doug and Eunice and your team!”

Amanda Ferguson

“They are an amazing group.”


“I am so thankful for Bear Creek and the people who run the place. Everyone was so very kind and caring and genuine. Not once did i feel uncomfortable. I was at ease knowing my brother was being taken care of by such kind and gentle souls. They were so willing to help in any way possible and made such a sad time that much easier for us. Thank you guys.”

Nikki Lavalley

“I have had the privilege of spending some time with the team from Bear Creek Funeral Home since their opening. I am consistently impressed by both their care for people and commitment to excellence.”

Andrew Jones