Danica Nystrom

03/08/1995 - 03/06/2022


Obituary For Danica Nystrom

To my sweet daughter Danica Joyce Nystrom (Ichabob),

Firstly sweetheart, you were supposed to be writing this for me and not I for you. Secondly, quit rolling your eyes. I know you are watching me write and rewrite this repeatedly. Today and forever, I will always try to share your story as you would have wanted it. That’s why there is no way we are doing the standard obituary as there was nothing standard about you. This is befitting of your tattoo that said “Master of my disaster, creator of my own chaos.”.

You arrived with a fury on August 3, 1995, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From the very get go you were excited to get living. Which was why you did everything you could to arrive two weeks before your due date. There to greet you was Grandma Angie, Grrpapa Don, and Aunty Lesley. Just a few of the people that would love you forever. From the very moment of your birth, I knew that you were destined to change lives. This you certainly did.

Initially, we were a team of two. We lived in a few places for my work and school, exotic places like Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon. Then in 1997 our family grew as Chuck came into our lives and then your little pain in the butt sister, Abby Marie, and a few years after that your favourite little brother Jarett. When we lived in Fairy Glen you loved to ride your bike, you had your pony Tinkerbell, and made friends with all the neighbors, old and young alike. Many attempts were made to make you into an athlete; however, you were always more interested in leading the
cheers, chants and picking dandelions than the sport. But you still entertained the spectators and your team. The last parent teacher interview I went to ever was yours in elementary school in Melfort. Your teacher tried to scold me because you were so precocious, and she was annoyed because you asked so many questions all the time. You never settled for simple answers to anything – if we told you the sky was blue you needed to know why and how it was blue. This was the start of us calling you “CBC” as the rest of your life you would share with us all information that was interesting but usually useless. For example, that cows supposedly graze facing north and south all the time. They don’t but we spent a lot of years looking at cows.

In 2004, we arrived in Edmonton, then Calgary, and finally Grand Prairie. Over the last few years, you worked at various jobs until most recently Pasco Energy Services. I know you were looking forward to a future there. In Grande Prairie, our family grew with the addition of the Jaegers, Curtis, Jasmin, Katelyn, and another Danica. Grande Prairie presented a lot of challenges for you, and I know you had a variety of experiences here that shaped your life. The last year our mother daughter bond was strengthened, and we spent virtually every waking hour together. I now know that there are never enough hours in a day to spend with your child. I am very blessed to have been there to watch you heal and grow over this last year. Curtis will always hold close the time he had getting to know you as well. So many moments to cherish, watching you la-dee-da skiing at Big White, morning coffee’s, walks into Big White Village, and our hours and hours of talking and driving. We would always excitedly wait for you to get home from work to tell us all your stories. Everyone says to me “At least you had this last year with her.”. Which yes is awesome but…it wasn’t enough time for me. I wanted to have you here forever.

Your pain, sorrow and heart ache are now over my lovely girl. You are up there soaring high above us all forever. I know that you will still laugh and cry with us. I know that you will still be the cheering us all on. The impact on our lives and of many others that were in your life will forever be felt. Your story will live on.

Left on this beautiful earth to cherish you are Curtis and I, Abby (Cam), Jarett (Haylee), Jasmin (Jake), Katelyn, and Danica J, Grandma Angie, Grandpa Don, Aunty Lesley (Eric), Aunty Lana (Jeff), Uncle Kyle (Nicola), Chuck Machibroda and Sheri Anne Madu and numerous cousins, and friends. This won’t be an easy time for us all and you will not be forgotten.

Love Mom.

The celebration of Danica's life will be held on Friday, June 10th, 2022 at 3pm at the Grande Prairie Legion #54 (9912 101 Avenue in Grande Prairie, Alberta).

Care entrusted to Bear Creek Funeral Home 780-830-7742

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  • 06/10/2022

    I remember a young Dani when my daughter, Kate used to meet up with her. Those two loved to laugh. After Kate passed, I met an older, more mature Dani, who was somewhat lost in her own struggles, yet willing to spend time with Kates' Mom and some of Kates' friends, to have a meal, share a story, and remember and celebrate their friend and my daughter, Kate, who passed away May 2016. I appreciate those times, however, found it increasing hard as all the girls wanted to get their lives on track, but each of them was falling deeper and struggling more. I had to separate myself, because I could not help them. I cared. I was so thankful for their support through the grief my husband and I shared. I am thankful that you had those special moments this past year with Dani, and of course, throughout her life's journey. I know you will treasure those moments for your lifetime. I wish I would have reconnected with Dani over this past year. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers since Sarah Dul shared the sad news of Dani's passing. I will keep you, her family, in my thoughts and prayers in your grief journey. Darlene Peacock

  • 06/10/2022

    My condolences to you and your family on your loss Brenda. Lloyd Truscott.

  • 06/09/2022

    Brenda and loved ones. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs and heartfelt condolences in these very difficult times.

  • 06/08/2022

    She was a true gem! Will miss her odd pep talk of how life for her! Will never be forgotten! You will be a star my friend

  • 06/08/2022

    Our condolences. Pat, Gail, Ellen Coristine and Andrea and Alyssa.

  • 06/08/2022

    My condolences to all the family. Elaine Schick (Watland)

  • 06/08/2022

    In the spirit of your Mom's words, I'm writing this to you Danica. I knew you since you were a little baby, and spent many years with you very close to me and my family. You shared a birthday with my Dad, Chuck, who loved you like a granddaughter. I have so many memories of you as that sweet, chubby-cheeked little girl. You were so much fun and such a joy to spend time with. I recall how you used to repeatedly sing "This Kiss" by Faith Hill, let us share your little kiddie swimming pool in the back yard so we could stay cool while drinking beer on a hot summer day. I loved shopping with you, buying you insensible clothing and teaching you to regurgitate my words "always sacrifice comfort for fashion". I couldn't get enough of you! I didn't know you as an adult. I've seen the pictures of the beautiful woman you became and heard your Mom's loving words about you. If you have the same spirit you had as a child, and your Mom's "fire" and "passion", we would have gotten along famously. My heart is aching knowing our world no longer gets to enjoy your active presence, but your memory will never be forgotten. You have impacted the lives of people like me and may have never known. My heart goes out to all of those who knew and loved you, as they will never be the same without you. Rest In Peace Danica and may your spirit always be with us. Sincerely, Valerie Kalyn

  • 06/07/2022

    To the Nystrom families, I am so sorry for your loss, may you take comfort in your memories.

  • 06/07/2022

    Dear Brenda Curtis and families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficult hours. May the precious memories carry you through. Brian & Val

  • 06/07/2022

    My heart is breaking for all of you. I have a very precious memory to share and I have told this story often and to many people. Danica came to Regina and we went out to a cottage of family at Pasqua lake. We were having lunch and a wasp landed on it as I was putting it in my mouth. Danica started yelling "don't ". Whoops to late wasp bit my tongue. My prayers are with you all

  • 06/07/2022

    So sorry for your loss. There are no words with the loss of a child. Much love being sent to you and your family. Audrey and Curtis Savenkoff

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