Bernard Pfupa

March 22, 1967 – April 16, 2018


With the liberation struggle raging in Zimbabwe, Sydney and Synodia welcomed their eighth child Bernard.  Born at such a turbulent time in that nation’s history, the traumas he experienced as a child would go on to leave an impression on him. His older sister Joy became his best companion along with brothers Weston and Edson. Coming from a family that in total had eleven children Bernard was always surrounded by warmth and love. Later on, Bernard would live with older brother Reuben whilst in London studying to be a Diesel Engine Fitter. If you knew Bernard you would know his obsession with diagnosing the problem with an engine, taking it apart and building it back up from scratch and having it hum with efficiency and precision. His work was his passion and his passion would mould the man he would become. Bernard was never content with mediocre effort nor would he accept that things just could not be better; he always strove to be his best and encouraged the rest of his family with a vision of success.


Bernard had his relaxed fun side.  He loved music with a special passion for Mbira (a sound unique to his home country Zimbabwe), Reggae as well as modern artists such as Lauryn Hill, Oliver Mutukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo.  His artists of choice had a pull towards the traditional as well as a strong message of self-acceptance and social justice.  He loved broadening his mind and knew something about everything.  Above all, Bernard loved his family and would go out of his way to ensure every member was adequately catered for within his ability.


And of-course all who knew Bernard know how he also loved a good boisterous argument that would often leave his unfortunate opponents exasperated.  He would stick to his point of view whether he was right or wrong!!  And when his mind was made up, it was made up.  Bernard was also a charming man when he chose to be and had a cross section of friends scattered across the globe.


He will be remembered and greatly missed by his parents, friends and relatives.


Care entrusted to Bar Creek funeral Home 780-830-7742